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Bagpiping For Every Occasion...

Bagpipes today are probably as popular as they have ever been in history. The drama that they can bring to an event is unrivaled by any other instrument. There are many different types of occasions at which the bagpipes may be performed.

  • Weddings --- Bagpipes can be a splendid addition to your special day. In the past, I've been asked to perform outside the church as guests are arriving. I have played during processionals, piping the bride down the aisle and also during recessionals... and later, what better way to enter the wedding reception than with the sound of the pipes? I'm available for rehearsals and can help you pick the right tunes for your special day. My own bride walked down the aisle with the sound of the pipes and I love carrying on this ancient tradition. Be sure to contact me early - the summer season books quickly for weddings.
  • Parades & Festivals --- I played in many parades through the years, but my favorite is Akron's Saint Patrick's Day on Main Steet. I have the honor of being the lead piper, marching the color guard at the head of the parade. I've also played at many festive events, including Barberton's Mum Fest and Malvern's Great Trail Festival.
  • Special Events --- I've been hired to wake up a birthday boy at sunrise, play at a graduation ceremony and even piped for a couple's 50th wedding anniversary. I've taken part in installations in organizations such as the Ancient Order of Hibernians, Knights of Columbus and the Masonic Lodge. I've performed with the Akron Symphony Orchestra, The Western Reserve Academy Orchestra and various church musical groups... also piped in several on-stage productions of the play Brigadoon. Mayors, judges, firemen, a police chief, troops returning home and a congressman are among the honorees that I have played for in the past.
  • Parties & Formal Dinners --- Nothing makes a birthday party more memorable than a bagpiper marching in playing "Happy Birthday". I also perform at banquets and black tie occasions. I've played at various Burn's Night dinners throughout Northeast Ohio and I'm familiar with the customs of the 'Ceremony of the Haggis'.
  • Sporting Events --- I performed at various sporting events in the Akron area, including half-time of the Akron Zips football games at the Rubber Bowl, opening ceremonies of the televised National Youth Golf Championship and I've even piped local high school soccer teams onto the field before their games (Hoban Varsity Boys and Hudson Varsity Girls). I can also lead the color guard onto the field to present the flag before a game.
  • Corporate Events --- Some companies I piped for are Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, Killian's Irish Red, Johnny Walker Whiskey, Superior Beverage Group and Bennigan Restaurants. A bagpiper is a great way for a company to gather the public's attention.
  • Memorial Services --- I couldn't possibly count the number of Memorial Day and Veterans Day services I have been a part of. I played for the touring Vietnam Memorial Wall and opened a touring exhibit commemorating those that died on 9/11. As a proud American, I cannot accept pay for playing at a funeral or a service that honors a soldier killed in action.
  • Funerals --- For hundreds of years, the bagpipes have added dignity and respect to funeral services. Hearing the sound of the pipes at a funeral is a moving experience. The song "Amazing Grace" cuts across cultural boundaries and can tap into a myriad of feelings. I can play at the church and/or at the cemetery, leading the casket to and from the hearse. Funerals, by nature, require that the service be planned in a short span of time. If I am not available to play at the service, I know many other talented, experienced pipers that I can refer.
  • Presentations --- Occasionally, I'll be asked to give a presentation on the history of the instrument and the outfit I wear. I've given demonstrations on the pipes and short lectures on the development of the instrument into its modern-day form. My presentations are interesting and lively, with music, props and samples of Scottish shortbread cookies for all in attendance. Please book at least a month in advance.
  • Fundraisers / Charitable Events --- I will occasionally perform, free of charge, for a good cause. I invite the opportunity to play at charitable events in the Akron/Canton area. I've piped for events such as "Laps for Lupus" and "Relay for Life" in the past and they are always rewarding experiences.
  • LESSONS --- Ever want to learn to play the bagpipes? Now's your chance! I'll guide you through the entire process from learning the music to playing beautiful tunes on the pipes ... Click here to get started.
  • I take much pride in the ancient music of my Celtic ancestors and I would be honored to perform at your next event. You can call me at (330)628-4202 or email me at

    The outfits I wear...

    I wear the traditional outfit (kilt and plaid) when performing, unless requested otherwise. I have several different colored kilts and multiple style dress jackets and shirts to match the occasion (either Irish, Scottish, British, French or American). Please let me know what your wedding color theme is and if you require anything specific (bow-tie, casual, etc...). Here is a list of some of the outfits I have available for performances.

  • Full Military Regalia --- Dressed in the military traditions, this outfit is most requested for funerals and military functions. However, I have also been asked to wear this for dinner parties, weddings, parades, festivals and even to corporate events.
  • Prince Charlie Jacket (tuxedo style) with bow-tie --- This is an elegant and classy dinner-style jacket with inner vest and is appropriate for most weddings, special events and parties. I've also had requests to wear this outfit at formal dinners and corporate events.
  • Casual kilt / daywear --- Most often worn for outdoor performances at festivals and parades, this can also be appropriate for funerals and most special events. This is a short sleeved shirt with no vest or jacket and is similar to that style most pipebands perform in.
  • Sheriffmuir Jacket --- A casual, short jacket worn with a day sporran.
  • French Jabot --- Usually worn with the Sherifmuir or Prince Charlie Jacket and a day sporran with tartan hose, this elegant French style is appropriate mostly for formal dinners, weddings and special events.
  • Business suit --- Even though it may not be traditional, I can play your event in a business suit (slacks, coat and tie) if you prefer. I only do this if specifically requested.
  • Casual --- In the past, I have been requested to play in all sorts of outfits, including t-shirt & jeans, cowboy hat, and even a toga (gotta love those college fraternities). Bottom line is: it's your event! Let me know what you want your piper to be wearing.
  • I take much pride in wearing the kilt and I would be honored to sport it at your next event. You can give me a call at (330)628-4202 or email me at

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